Starter Red Leaf Maple. 15113, 
     Sold out 
Seedling Japanese Green Leaf Maple.15112
Seedling Stewartia Monadelphia.15110 1 Gal   $10.00 
Sold out till fall 2017
Starter Satsuki Azalea 15115. 1 Gal.
Seedling Gray Bark Elm. 15111. 1 Gal
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STM-1 Two seedling Trident Maples.
           $4.50 each
 SOLD OUT 2017
STM-2 1 Gal seedling Trident Maple.
      $12.50 each
           SOLD OUT
Pictures of the seedlings may not be the tree you will recive. The pictures are just to give you an idea of what you will receive.
Koto Hime Japanese Maple. Cutting grown.
1/2" trunk 13" tall.